North Bromsgrove


North Bromsgrove is a 13-18 High School in which we strive for academic excellence and offer an education which seeks to develop the ‘whole person’ within a caring and supportive environment.

There is a shared moral imperative by all members of our school to deliver an inclusive education, within our state of the art facilities, which ensures that ‘everyone succeeds’. We are committed to delivering the highest standards of teaching and learning, and we are proud that our students demonstrate high standards of dress, aspirational goals, a personal vision and a sense of integrity.

Our school motto ‘Abeunt Studia in Mores’ is lived out day to day by offering a tailored academic curriculum in conjunction with an enormous range of opportunities on offer beyond the classroom. Our enrichment programme fosters endeavour and commitment, which complement leadership, teamwork, trust and kindness. Our CARE values are at the heart of the school and the blend of academic and enrichment activities ensures every student can grow and develop, whatever their interests and talents.

We believe that ‘learning is transformative’ and being a successful school is about providing the best possible education – one that creates a love of learning and nurtures the talent and confidence of our students, so that they are well equipped to go on to achieve their highest aspirations.